JULY, 2009




Ed Butler becomes President General

Ed Butler taking the oath of office as President General, while Robin Butler holds the Bible

Close-up of George Washington Ring

President General's Badge

PG Appleby presents Ed Butler with the coveted National Society Gold Medal of Distinguished Service

President General and First Lady

Admiral Tom Lawrence presenting Ed Butler with the "Admiral in the Texas Navy Certificate", signed by Gov. Perry

Admiral Tom Lawrence presenting Robin with the "Yellow Rose of  Texas" award

San Antonio Chapter President David Bowles congratulating Ed and Robin Butler

President General Ed Butler in tails & First  Lady

President General Ed Butler with First Lady

Former Chapter President Frank Rohrbough presenting bouquet to Robin Butler

Frank and Diane Rohrbough, Ed and Robin Butler, and Pat and Rev. James Taylor

Rev. James Taylor presenting the first ot two books on Spain in the American Revolution to the President General

Ed and Robin Butler admiring large Spanish Imperial flag presented by Peter Baron on behalf of the San Antonio chapter

PG Butler presenting Aide de Camp badges to (l to r) John Knox, Peter Baron, and Col. Joe M. Ware

First Lady Raylene Appleby presenting Robin with the First Lady Cameo

The President General and the First Lady

Ed Butler in Color Guard uniform standing

Ed in Color Guard uniform with flag background

Ed Butler's Photo in Picture Frame





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