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San Antonio , Texas


Updated 25 April, 2009



One of my direct ancestors was one of the early Templars. [Oldest chivalric order in the world - Rank -Grand Officer].

Commander of the San Antonio Commandry, 2001-2004

Prior of the St. Matthew ( Texas ) Priory, 2004-2006

Deputy Grand Prior, 2006-2008, 2008-2010


Legion of Merit

Commendation Medal

Long and Faithful Service Medal

Travelers Medal ( Holy Land )


ROYAL SOCIETY OF ST. GEORGE (Mar. 2003-2006 ) - Charter Secretary (no longer active)













SOCIETY OF COLONIAL WARS: (1997-Present) Gen. Soc. # 18848; Tx #315

[Ancestor - Capt. John Marshall, 1596-1666]

Member of National Legal Advisory Committee

Gentleman of the Council (2005-2007)

Texas Society Honorable Governor (2007- present)

Texas Society Governor (2004-2005)

Texas Society Lt. Governor, elect (2003-2004)

Texas Society Deputy Governor, elect (2002-2003)

Texas Society Chancellor (1999-2000; 2000-2001; 2001-2002)

Recipient of War Service Medal


SOCIETY OF THE DESCENDANTS OF WASHINGTON 'S ARMY AT VALLEY FORGE: (1997-Present) National #5085; TX #229 [Ancestor -Pvt. Thomas Mc Clanahan, 2 nd VA Reg.]

National Judge Advocate General, 2002-2003

Austin - San Antonio Regimental Commander, 2001-2003

Texas Brigade Inspector (Lt. Commander), 2003-2005; 2005-2007, 2007-2009


SONS OF THE REVOLUTION - Nat'l Member #29598, Texas Member # 128, 12 Feb. 2003

President of the Texas Society, 2006-2008

SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: Perpetual Member, NSSAR #127884, TX #5990. Originally admitted in Tennessee , # 2131 in 1986.

6 Supplemental Memberships. Sponsored 86 New Members.


Charter Member, Liberty Chapter, Brownsville , TX (1986-1990)

Delegate to State Convention, 1987 ( Galveston , TX )

Judge, State Oratory Contest, 1987


Member, Plano Chapter 1991 - Present (Dual Member 1999-2007)

Perpetual Life Member

Delegate to State Convention, 1997 ( Richardson , TX )

Judge, Chapter Oratory Contest, 1996-97

Judge, Regional Oratory Contest, 1996-97

Judge, State Oratory Contest, 1997


Sponsor and Charter Member, Laredo , TX Chapter, 2001

Charter Judge Advocate, 2001-2003


Sponsor and Charter Member, Boerne , TX Chapter, 2003

Charter Chancellor


Member, San Antonio Chapter, 1998 to Present (Dual Member)

President - 2003-2004

President Elect - 2002-2003

1 st Vice President, Program Chairman. Member Plans, New Member, CAR & Memorial Committees 2000-2001

Chapter Genealogist, Genealogical editor of chapter newsletter 1998-2001

Executive Committee, 1998 - 2007

Chairman, Membership Committee 1998-1999, 1999-2000

Chairman, Memorial Resolution Standing Committee 1999-2000

Chairman, Program Committee, 2000-2001; 2001-2002

Delegate to State Convention, March 1999 ( Houston , TX );

Attended Council Of Presidents' Meeting, March 1999;

Delegate Board of Managers Meeting, March 1999;

Delegate to August BOM meeting, 1999 Sugar Land , TX

Host, Chapter Picnic, Aug. 1999

Delegate to November BOM meeting, 1999 San Antonio , TX

Host, Party for NSSAR, TXSSAR & Chapter officers, November 1999

Member of Board Of Managers Meeting Host Committee, Nov. 1999 - Registration

Author, San Antonio Chapter Genealogists' Handbook & gift to chapter

Speaker, San Antonio SAR Jan. 13, 2000 - Genealogy

Speaker, Kerrville SAR, Jan. 17, 2000 - Genealogy

Delegate, TXSSAR Convention, Mar 17-19, 2000

Attended Council Of Presidents' Meeting, March 2000

Delegate Board of Managers Meeting, March 2000

Attended Special Executive Committee meeting, Temple , TX April 2000

Delegate Board of Managers Meeting, August 2000

Speaker, Board of Managers Meeting, August 2000

Attended Council Of Presidents' Meeting, August 2000

Host, Chapter Picnic, Sept. 2000

Speaker, San Antonio Chapter, Oct. 9, 2000

Host, Party for NSSAR, TXSSAR & Chapter officers, November 2000, 2004 & 2007

Delegate Board of Managers Meeting, November 2000

Speaker, Board of Managers Meeting, November 2000

Attended NSSAR Trustee's meeting, Louisville , KY March 1-2, 2001

Delegate, TXSSAR Convention, Mar 9-11, 2001

Attended Council Of Presidents' Meeting, Mar., Aug. & Nov. 2001

Delegate Board of Managers Meeting, Mar., Aug. & Nov. 2001

Chairman, Genealogy Seminar, Mar. 22, 2007, in conjunction with TXSSAR Convention


Texas Society, SAR

Lifetime member of the Board of Managers by virtue of being a national officer

Vice President for Media Relations and Publicity, 2001-2002

Chairman, TXSSAR Publicity Committee, 2001-2002

TXSSAR Genealogist, 2000 - 2001

Genealogy Editor, The Texas Compatriot , 1999-2000; 2000-2001

Member, The Texas Compatriot committee; 2000-2001

Writer of TXSSAR Syndicated column: The Genealogical Corner (12 chapters) 2000-2001

Chairman, TXSSAR Public Safety Committee 1999-2000

Member, TXSSAR Awards Committee 1999-2000; 2000-2001

Author, TXSSAR Chapter Genealogists' Handbook & gift to TXSSAR, January 2001

Host, TXSSAR Officers Buffet Supper, San Antonio , Nov. 1999

TXSSAR Council of Presidents Meeting, Mar. 1999, Aug. 1999,Nov. 1999, & Mar. 2000

TXSSAR Board of Managers Meetings, Mar. 1999, Aug. 1999, Nov. 1999, & Mar. 2000

TXSSAR Board of Managers Meetings, Nov. 1999 Host Committee

TXSSAR Board of Managers Meetings, Nov. 1999, Chairman of Registration

Speaker - TXSSAR Aug. 2000 BOM

Chairman, Membership Committee, 2000-2001

Chairman, TXSSAR Perpetual Memorial Resolution Committee

Member, Long Range Planning Committee; awards committee; SAR/ CAR; and Awards Committees 2000-2001

Speaker - TXSSAR Nov. 2000 BOM

Chairman - TXSSAR Perpetual Memorial Web Site Committee

Chairman & Speaker - TXSSAR Genealogical Seminar, Mar. 8, 2002

National Society, SAR

President General, 2009-2010, Chairman of the Board - SAR Foundation Board

Secretary General, 2008-2009; Secretary - SAR Foundation Board

Treasurer General, 2007-2008; Treasurer - SAR Foundation Board

Chancellor General, 2006-2007; Legal Advisor to the SAR Foundation Board

Genealogist General, 2004-2005; 2005-2006

Vice President General, International District, 2002-2003; 2003-2004

Chairman, Strategic Planning Committee - 2008-2009

Chairman, Perpetual Memorial Resolution Web Site Ad Hoc Committee, 2001-2002.

Chairman, History Committee, 2003-2004; member, 2004-2009

Genealogy Committee, 1999 -present

Carl Bessent Publications Committee, 2002-2007

Legal advisory, resolutions and by laws committees - 2000-present

Fire Safety and Law Enforcement Commendation Committee, 1999 - 2005

Registrant, Spring & Fall Trustee's Meeting, Louisville , KY. 2001-2009

Ambassador to Mexico and Central America, 2001-2002

Ambassador to Spain , 2004-2005; 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2008-2009

Chrm. for Texas Society, Task Force for the Center For Continuing America's Heritage


International Society, SAR

President, 2002-2003; 2003-2004

Registrar, 2001-2002


Sponsor and Charter Member , Mexico Society, SAR

Charter President, 2002-2003

Charter National Trustee, 2002-2003; 2003-2004; 2004-2005

Chancellor, 2003-2004; 2004-present

Chairman, MXSSAR BOM and Seminar at Sea, Nov. 1-6, 2004



Minuteman Medal - 2006

NSSAR Minnesota Society History Award, 2003

NSSAR War Service Medal, 2007

Patriot Medal - TXSSAR 2002; MXSSAR 2004

SAR Silver Distinguished Service Medal - MXSSAR, Feb. 2002

SAR Meritorious Service Medal - NSSAR, Jul. 2002

SAR Meritorious Service Medal - TXSSAR Mar. 2002

Sam Adams Bronze Service Medal, July 2006

SAR Meritorious Service Medal - San Antonio Chapter, Mar. 2004

SAR Liberty Award Medal (NSSAR - July 2000) - 7 oak leaves

SAR Law Enforcement Commendation Medal, 1996 ( Plano Chapter)\

SAR Silver Good Citizenship Medal, 2001 ( Laredo Chapter); Mexico Society, 2004

SAR Bronze Good Citizenship Medal, 2000 ( San Antonio Chapter May 2000)

SAR Bronze Good Citizenship Medal Oak Leaf Cluster, 2001 ( San Antonio Chapter May 2001)

NSSAR Silver State President's Medal (2003)

TXSSAR Society Silver Service Medal ( San Antonio Chapter, Mar. 9, 2001), 2007

TXSSAR Society Bronze Chapter Service Medal (May 2000, 2006)

National and State Color Guard Medals

CASSAR Von Steuben Color Guard Medal (2008)

NSSAR Centennial Medal

LASSAR Galvez Medal, 2005

TXSSAR Alexander Hamilton Medal, 2007

VASSAR Medalion (2006)

Outstanding Citizenship Award (2004, 2008)

NSSAR Certificate of Appreciation as VPG, 2004

SAR Certificate of Appreciation, 1999 ( San Antonio Chapter for Nov. 1999 BOM)

SAR Certificate of Appreciation, Jan 2000 ( Kerrville Chapter for Speech)

SAR Certificate of Appreciation, Oct. 9, 2000 ( San Antonio Chapter for Speech)

TXSSAR Hartzell O. Stephens Award, Mar. 2000; Mar. 2002

TXSSAR Adrian Drouilhet Award, as Membership Chairman for Chapter with most new members under 50, Mar. 2000

NSSAR Membership Award for the Highest Percentage of New Members, Jul. 2001

Under the leadership of E. F. Butler, The San Antonio, TX chapter won the following national awards (with certificates and flag streamers for each) for calendar year 2003:

USS Starke Memorial Award for service to veterans

The President General's Activity Award for the best chapter (2003, 2004, 2006-2007, 2008)

The Liberty Bell Americanism Award for the chapter which best implements SAR resolutions and principles

Patriot Ancestor: 1) Col. Frederick Hambright, NC

Supplementals: 2) Pvt. James Guiles Morrow, NC

3) Lt. William S. McClanahan, VA

4) Pvt. Thomas Marshall McClanahan, VA

5) Pvt. Ebenezer Dickey , VA

6) Pvt. Solomon Cross, MD

7) Pvt. Benjamin Cross, MD


THE SOCIETY OF THE WAR OF 1812 SOCIETY: (Ancestor - Benjamin Cross)

Ass't Judge Advocate General - 2008-2011

Vice President General - 2006-2008

Texas Society President - 2004-2006

Texas Society Deputy President - 2002-2004

Texas Society Secretary - Treasurer (Chief Operations Officer) 2000 - 2001

Chapter Genealogist - 1999-2000; 2000-2001

Chapter Judge Advocate 2000-2001

Annual Meetings - 1999- present



President, Memphis , TN Chapter, 1982-1983




THE NATIONAL HUGUENOT SOCIETY (Member #10-911 on 21 Oct. 1999)(no longer a member)

Ancestor - Mark Hardin

Speaker - San Antonio Chapter meeting, Summer 2000

Program Chairman - Feb. 2001 - 46 State Assembly


Collateral Ancestor - James Butler Bonham - Attended 2000 annual meeting



Perpetual Life Member

Texas Division Awards Chairman 2000-2001; 2001-2002

Member, William H. Wells, Camp #1588, Plano , TX (1996 - 1998)

Member, Hoods Texas Brigade, Camp #153, San Antonio , TX (1999)

Commander, 2001-2002; 2002-2003

First Lieutenant Commander; Camp Medals & Awards Chairman; & Program Chairman 2000 - 2001

Camp Historian , 1999-2000

Delegate to New Braunsfels , TX Camp Charter Ceremonies, Apr. 1999

Chief Delegate, State Convention, Waco , TX - June 1999; June 2000

Texas Division Honor Award, June 17, 2000

Camp Certificate of Appreciation as Speaker - Oct. 19, 1999 “Preparing a Research Guide for Effective Genealogical Research”

Camp Certificate of Appreciation as Speaker - Jan. 18, 2000 “ Kentucky : Before, During and After the War for Southern Independence

Camp Certificate of Appreciation, hosting Oct. 14, 2000 Picnic

Chairman, Awards and Medals Committee 2000 - 2001

Attended Texas Division June 2000 Executive Committee meeting - Camp Allen , TX

Attended Texas Division September 2000 Executive Committee meeting - Gonzales , TX

Authored the Texas Division Awards Manual , Sept. 2000

Attended Texas Division January 2001 Executive Committee meeting - Conroe , TX

Delegate, State Convention, Waco , TX June 2000

Chief Delegate, State Convention, Austin , TX June 2001; June 2002

Delegate, National Convention, Memphis , TN July 2003



Division Award of Honor Medal - June 2000

Camp Bronze Cross of Honor Medal - Jan. 16, 2001

Division Vigil Medal - March 16, 2001

Division SCV Commendation Medal - June 2, 2001

Division Gold Cross of Honor Medal - June 2, 2001;

Division Gold Cross of Honor Medal - June, 2002

Chapter received the 4 Star Award during tenure as Commander, 2001& 2002

Real Great Grandson Medal, Aug. 2004

Several Certificates of Appreciation for Speaking




National Society MOSB Deputy Judge Advocate General (1999-2000)

Lt. Charles W. Read Legion of Merit Award Medal , August, 2000

Chapter received the Merit Award during tenure as Commander, August, 2000

Texas Society MOSB State Society Parliamentarian (1999-2000)

Special Projects Chairman (1999-2000)

MOSB Army of the Trans Mississippi Meritorious Service Medal , June 17, 2000

Member Plano , TX Camp (1997-Present)

Member, San Antonio , Camp (1998 - present)

Camp Commander (2000)

Camp Second Lieutenant Commander, 1999 & 2001

Speaker at May 14, 1999 meeting (Topic: Texas During the Civil War)

Chief Delegate, State Convention, Waco , TX - June 1999; Camp Allen , TX - June 2000

Chairman, Awards and Medals Committee 2000 - 2001

Certificate of Appreciation, hosting Oct. 14, 2000 Picnic

Texas Society Gold Star of Honor Medal ( San Antonio Chapter -Dec. 2001).


SONS OF NORWAY (no longer a member)


THE HOLLAND SOCIETY (no longer a member)


Web master: Texas Genealogy [1999]

Special Guest: The Family History Show , July 18, 1999 (Internet Genealogy carried on radio)

Member: Dallas Genealogical Society / San Antonio Historical and Genealogical Society

National Genealogical Society

Kentucky Historical Society/

Simpson Co., KY Genealogical Society

West Central KY Family Research Assn.

Tennessee Genealogical Society

Middle TN Genealogical Society

Graduate: Institute of Genealogical Studies, Class VI, The Military Paper Trail 7/26/1996

Speaker S. W. Texas Genealogical Society; Sons of Confederate Veterans (2); Military Order of the Stars and The Bars (2); San Antonio Historical & Genealogical Society; San Antonio (2), Brownsville, Laredo, Denton, Plano, Fredericksburg, and Kerrville chapters, SAR; San Antonio Huguenot Society; TXSSAR Plano and New Braunsfels, TX BOM; Kerrville Gen'l. Soc., Randolph Area Gen'l. Soc., San Antonio Chapter, Colonial Dames.



B.A. University of Mississippi , 1958 (Regional Scholar)

J.D. Vanderbilt University School of Law, 1961 (Ford Found.Scholar-Honor Grad.)

M.A. University of Memphis , 1984 ( Magna Cum Laude )

Graduate Industrial College of the Armed Forces (1975)

Graduate: Leadership Brownsville , TX (1988)

Retired: U.S. Administrative Law Judge;

Former Presiding Municipal Judge, Town of South Padre Is., TX.

Commander, USNR [Former Naval Academy Information Officer] (Awards include Navy Commendation Medal (2), Armed Forces Reserve Medal (3), Cold War Medal, US Naval Academy Commandant's Award and US Naval Academy Superintendent's Award [35 years mil. service]

Prof. of Law: Reynaldo Garza School of Law, Pan American Univ., Edinburg , TX (1985-86)

Adjunct Prof. University of Memphis - Political Science (1963-64)

Crim. Justice (1983-84)

Shelby State Comm. College Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement (1982-84)

Univ. of Texas at Brownsville Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement (1986-87)

Instructor: Univ. of Memphis- Law School (1982-83):

Author: The Descendants of Thomas Pincerna, Progenitor of the Butler Family, Genpub, Dallas, June 1997 (Winning book, 1997 Best Genealogy Book Award, Dallas Gen. Society)

Texas Litigator's Handbook (Butterworth, Austin, 1990)

Family Law in Texas , co-author, (LEI, Naples, FL, 1988)

Cultural Behavior Handbook: Australia ( Defense Intelligence Agency, Nov. 1986 )

The Descendants of Philip Nicholas Myers, Revolutionary War Patriot , Butler Family Limited Partnership, San Antonio, 2000.

The Ancestors of Diana Jean Parker, of Lane, DeWitt County, Illinois , Butler Family Limited Partnership, San Antonio, 2001.

Frequent contributor to many legal and professional journals and newspapers.

Journal of Family Practice

The Texas Lawyer

Tennessee Bar Assn. Journal

Tennessee Trial Lawyers Assn. Journal

Guest Editor, The Memphis Press-Scimitar

Port Isabel Press - Port Isabel , TX

Author, “Genealogical Gleaning”, regular column in The Texas Compatriot , magazine of the TXSSAR

Author, “The Genealogy Corner”, monthly column carried by many Texas SAR chapter newsletters.

“Caveat Emptor - Cause It Ain't Necessarily So”, Our Heritage , magazine of the San Antonio Genealogical & Hist'l. Soc., Vol. 40, Nos. 3 & 4, (Spring & Summer, 1999), p. 35-36.

Missing Links : A Weekly Newsletter For Genealogists (online)

“Preparing a Research Guide For Effective Genealogical Research”, Branches and Acorns , Journal of the Southwest Texas Gen'l. Soc.; Vol. XV, NO. 3, Mar. 2000.

“ Kentucky : Before, During and After the War For Southern Independence ”, Kentucky Family Records, Vol. 24 ., journal of the West - Central Kentucky Family Research Association, Owensboro , 2000, pp. 95-102.

Freq. Speaker: Bar Association Continuing Legal Education Seminars (Memphis, TN; Heber Springs, AR; Dallas, TX; South Padre Is., TX; Vail, CO; Aspen, CO; Moscow, USSR); Pro Bono Panels; S.W. Texas Paralegal School, Dallas; Optimist Clubs; Rotary Clubs; Exchange Clubs; Kiwanis Clubs; Lions Clubs, A.A.R.P., Toastmasters & Military groups in TN & TX; San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels, Denton, Brownsville, Kerrville, Laredo & Fredericksburg, TX SAR chapters; DAR chapters in San Antonio, Laredo, TX & Mexico City; Guest Speaker, “Prime Plus” talk show hosted by Mary Denman on radio station KLUP (930 am) on 5/18/03.

Past President: South Padre Island , Texas Merchants' Association

Port Isabel - South Padre Island - Laguna Vista , TX Chamber of Commerce

Laguna Madre Area Republican Club - South Padre Is., TX

Military Order of Foreign Wars - Memphis , TN

Navy Reserve Association, Mississippi Valley Chapter - Memphis , TN

Houston , TX Reserve Officers Association

West Tennessee Reserve Officers Association - Memphis , TN

Memphis , Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association

Mid American Ski Club - Memphis , TN

Memphis Ski Club - Memphis , TN

Fox Meadows Civic Club - Memphis , TN

Board of Dirs. Brownsville , TX Chamber of Commerce; Rio Grande Valley Chamber of Comm.

Memphis Bar Assn.; Military Order of World Wars & Navy League ( Memphis )


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